Are You Having the Right Conversations?

This post is written by Trusted Partner, Keith Uthe – Mortgage Alliance Enrich Mortgage Group. To become a contributing editor, please contact our Real Estate Investor Solutions Specialist, David Maxwell at

As a real estate investor and mortgage broker with Mortgage Alliance Enrich Mortgage Group, I find myself in many different conversations daily. In some cases, I have requested the conversation and in others it was requested of me. I have found that I need to have an awareness of how a conversation is going to help me ‘Mind the Gap’ between where I am and where I want to be, as well as discover and help to ‘Mind the Gap’ for other persons in the conversation. The latter can be very difficult because if left unchosen, unelected and unintentional, life selects you rather than you choosing the life you want.

You may ask what does this have to do with mortgages and investing? It has everything to do with them both: conversation is the catalyst of elevation and you need conversations with others that can elevate you. So, when I enter into a conversation with someone, I am going to find a way to elevate them with the questions I ask and then advise them of the opportunities and strategies that could best meet their needs based on what they have shared. I am not here to be an application filler and submitter; you can find that elsewhere if that is all you want. I suspect what you NEED is MORE and I am here to fulfil my purpose that ‘All People Are Living a Life of Opportunity’ by giving you MORE in conversations with me that will elevate you towards your goals.

To do this you need to rid yourself of your ‘Lack Mentality’ and open your mind to possibility! Over the years as an athlete and now a mortgage broker I have learned that ‘Everything we believe to be true is true until it isn’t.’ Once I made the effort to recognize when my thoughts were limiting myself to possibilities without full supporting evidence it changed so many things and so many more opportunities began showing up and continue to this day.

So, if you want to elevate your real estate investing and take a deeper look at the opportunities that exist for you to obtain financing to control real estate then schedule a conversation with me, Keith Uthe – Mortgage Alliance Enrich Mortgage Group (REIN Trusted Partner)


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