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JAll photos courtesy of Japhet Alvarez / S7vn Photography

If so,we know of a 355 square feet, fully insulated cabin up for grabs that comes complete with a heating and cooling system, hot water, kitchen, shower, and wood stove. It’s powered by solar panels and can be dissembled, moved, and reassembled without too much of a headache. Yes, you read that right. It’s a highly portable cabin….and it’s made of shipping containers.And it’s only $58,000. 

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A project by Joseph Dupuis, a 29 year old entrepreneur in Ottawa, the shipping-container cabin, located in Carp, has taken on a life of its own online. Originally built in 2012 out of three 20 foot shipping containers on a piece of land owned by his family, the cabin lived in relative obscurity until a photographer friend put some photos online. It’s now been featured on Huffington Post Canada and BuzzFeed Canada and viewed over 43,000 times.  


The cabin originally cost Dupuis $120,000 and fulfilled a dream Dupuis had of living off the grid and going back to the land. It took three months to build and was his primary residence for a full two years until he moved into an apartment in Almonte. 

Any proceeds he makes from the sale of the cabin will be used for future investments or projects. 

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