Are You Ready for What’s Next?

Dave Steele is the CEO of Western Canadian Properties Group, a developer focused on working with investors in the top high growth markets in North America. Dave recently joined Patrick Francey and JG Francoeur to talk about his keynote topic for REIN’s COVID Crisis Conference: Strategies, Opportunities, Solutions. 

Are you ready for what’s next? Do you know what your next move will be? Can you see the opportunities around you? Dave is optimistic about the future—life after COVID-19. The entire world has changed and he’s looking at those changes and their significance on him and his business/investments.  

This is not a time to step back. It’s a time to keep moving forward, to stay current, and to prepare for what’s coming. Crisis drives innovation. Dave will share insight on buying opportunities, how to use technology to make property management easier, and more. 

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