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“When things are tough, I double down on reading the reports, talking to people, going to meetings, really digging deep into information because I find that unity creates strength. – Jean-Guy Francoeur

REIN CEO Patrick Francey and REIN CGO JG Francoeur dedicate their discussion to Real Estate, Alberta, Strategies, Opportunities and Solutions (S.O.S) and why YOU need to attend REIN’s Real Estate Strategies, Opportunities & Solutions Calgary workshop on March 1-3.

We are facing economically uncertain times in Canada & investors are looking for answers, support and true leadership. Patrick and JG discuss real estate opportunities in a down market, how to disarm fear and the unknown with information and understanding, the importance of reaching out and connecting with your community, and more!

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Events like Real Estate Strategies, Opportunities & Solutions Calgary set down the playing field for real estate investors to have transformational conversations that can support your game, up your game and expand your resources. Patrick and JG share what to expect at the workshop – including creative solutions and portfolio reviews through the REIN Finance Centre, as well as opportunities and solutions that are needed to strengthen current investments and build future ones.

Click here to listen to Patrick and JG’s full podcast discussion.

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