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“What role does your business play in your industry, and why is that important to the world? If you know what that is – that shapes a lot of your values…that helps influence the language and the tone and the personality that’s conveyed through marketing and social media.” – Ernie Harker

Special Guest:
Ernie Harker

Ernie Harker is a creative branding mastermind. He recently published “Your Brand Sucks,” a book that reveals why most companies get branding wrong and reveals the step-by-step formula he has used to help dozens of companies define a clear image and personality for their brands. One of his greatest successes was to help revitalize an old-western retail chain into a $3 billion high-energy adventure brand. He leads workshops, gives presentations, and offers an online masterclass to help organizations define and develop remarkable brands.  

In this episode, meet this infectious force, and follow his story which starts with a family of 11 – Ernie, EIGHT brothers and his parents – and the “sad tale” that kick started his passion for drawing. After studying illustration at Utah State University, Ernie was hired as a concept and storyboard artist for the largest tech ad agency in Salt Lake City but quickly learned the world of entrepreneurialism was better suited to him. Ernie dives into what branding means to him, his four key principles of branding, and spends some time on the essential, but often difficult, reality of personal branding. Ernie’s own brand of optimism and high-energy together with his desire to develop and sharpen his skills also allow him to teach and work with individuals, from teaching kids how to draw, to help companies create a unique voice for their business. What keeps him grounded in gratitude throughout it all, is his family.

Buckle up because his dynamic personality and passion for brand development will have you racing to build your brand!

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