Buying Properties with Little Money Down: AFS


Do you want to buy properties with little to no money down? We’re not joking – you can with agreements for sale (AFS)!

If you’re wondering what an Agreement for Sale is, it’s essentially buying a property using a seller financing strategy. The buyer pays a certain amount of the purchase price, and then makes monthly payments to the seller. The title remains in the seller’s name until the purchase price is paid.

This strategy is great for buyers who don’t have much money for a down payment and great for sellers who can’t make mortgage payments, don’t want to use a realtor or have seen a drop in the value of their home to near the mortgage value.

When used correctly, Agreements for Sale can create win-win situations for sellers and buyers. Learn how to effectively use this strategy on Saturday, May 14 at the all-day event in Calgary: Attracting and Accessing Real Estate Capital.

For more information about Agreements for Sale, and for a sneak peek of what you’ll learn on May 14, check out this video:  

Does the paperwork involved with an AFS frighten you? Don’t let your fear of the paperwork involved stop you from making a deal! Attend the all-day workshop to gain confidence in your knowledge of AFS. Discover a different income stream by using an AFS, learn how to talk to potential sellers about Agreements for Sale, and navigate the potential challenges that can accompany an AFS.

Keep in mind, investing with Agreements for Sale is only ONE of the topics that will be covered at the event on May 14. If you’re interested in buying properties using a joint venture partner, or investing with RRSPs to build your portfolio, or a strategic blueprint to secure 30+ mortgages, this event is for you.


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