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There is no one better to talk about what’s going on in the Calgary real estate market than Redline Real Estate Group Owner Brett Turner!

Brett is a keynote speaker at our upcoming Authentic Canadian Real Estate (A.C.R.E) investor summit on March 6-8 in Calgary, where he will share the extensive expertise he has acquired working in the trenches with real estate investors.

“I like to talk about the Calgary market as being a compressed spring right now,” says Brett. “We have been stable and kind of hovering around the same average price for a couple years, our transactions are about the same. But we continue to get net migration to the city, we continue to see population growth and rents keep climbing here in Calgary.”

According to Brett, Calgary is a cash flow, income-based play right now. “If you like extra money every month, then that’s a good reason to take a look at our market today,” he says.

Despite the Calgary market being the lowest it has been in years, there is income to be had today and appreciation to be had in the short-term. While many investors are questioning their next moves given the confusion and bad news headlines, the story is changing in Alberta. The statistics and underlying fundamentals are now showing there is nowhere to go but up from here!

“This is the time to put together that portfolio that can dramatically change your financial future,” Brett says. “It is very, very rare to have a rent-to-price ratio like we have right now, where you could be buying something around $425k and making $600 every month in the first month after ownership. Great figures out there for anyone who is aspiring to build an income portfolio.”

According to Brett, Calgary doesn’t have to be an “oil and gas booming economy” to see incredible rental income yields – we can achieve this with where the economy is at right now. This is the time to get ahead of the game before the best deals are picked up and you miss out on the quality investment opportunities available in Calgary today. A.C.R.E will open the door to not only capitalizing on these amazing buying opportunities, but it will also give you the chance to network with like-minded investors and make valuable connections that can bolster your portfolio.

To learn more about the state of Calgary’s real estate market and why you need to be at this year’s A.C.R.E, watch REIN CEO Patrick Francey and REIN CGO JG Francoeur’s latest interview with Brett now!

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March 6-8, 2020

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