Watch Now: The Importance of Changing, Evolving and Adapting in Real Estate


Real estate is inevitably going to change.

The fundamental thing to know is that YOU need to change, evolve and adapt with it if you want to be successful and build your portfolio.

In order to survive the bumps in the road and take your game to the next level, you can’t keep repeating the same tactics you have always used.

REIN Senior Research Analyst Don R. Campbell knows this firsthand, as he has been through multiple significant downturns in his career. He has had to change as an investor, modify his strategies, and look at different opportunities and solutions in order to capitalize on the next wave.

In his latest video with REIN Chief Growth Officer JG Francoeur, Don discusses the importance of being prepared for stormy waters, like the ones currently hitting Alberta. There isn’t one way to invest in real estate, and the reality is that if you don’t evolve, adapt and change, you won’t survive.

There may be different strategies, tactics and solutions, but there’s an opportunity for EVERYONE to be doing something. The question is, in tough economic times, what do you do? If you come to Real Estate Strategies, Opportunities & Solutions Calgary on March 1-3, you’ll find out!

Whether you’re new or experienced, Real Estate Strategies, Opportunities & Solutions Calgary speaks to ALL types of investors at every level. Watch Don and JG’s FULL video now to learn why you need to be there & why this is the time to be listening and paying attention.

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