Clarity and Commitment

“If you’re investing $500 here or $1000 there you’re hoping for a gimmick. If you go all in on something, you’re committed; you’re focused.”
-Shane Melanson

Shane Melanson is the host of The Investing Advantage and the founder of Melanson Developments, a commercial real estate development and investment firm in Calgary AB. 

Shane has authored 2 books – Club Syndication, How the Wealthy Raise Money and Invest in Commercial Real Estate and Evolve, Your 90 Day Growth Plan.

He is focused on helping professionals and business owners make smarter investing decisions & create financial abundance by investing like the wealthy through value-add, commercial real estate opportunities.  

For the past 15 years, Shane has completed more than $260M in transactions for his clients and $65M in personal real estate transactions. 

He has worked with publicly traded companies like Melcor Developments, First Capital and Sun Life Financial, as well as hedge funds and some of the wealthiest families in both Canada and the US. But today he’s focused on helping everyday people invest like the wealthy in commercial properties.

Shane lives in Calgary with his wife Kelly and 3 children, where he’s able to take his kids to school and no longer misses birthdays or dance recitals due to work and travel.

On the latest episode of The Everyday Millionaire, Shane talks about his beginnings in real estate in Whitecourt, Alberta, his early “genius”, his lessons, and getting started in commercial real estate. He also discusses how he raises capital and the way in which he approaches development deals with investors. In addition, Shane explains his approach to his personal development, the investments he makes in himself, the commitment he has to his life and goals, and more!

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