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“We formed our “why” [which] is for social impact. It just so happens to be through real estate because that’s what we know and that’s where our experience lies. Patrick’s and my mission is to affect as many people’s lives as we can and we can do this through real estate. – Madeleine & Patrick Gergen

Special Guest: Madeleine and Patrick Gergen

Madeleine and Patrick are the Co-Founders and executive leaders of AmeriCan Multifamily Alliance Group LLC and Bella Vista Management LP, overseeing several multifamily properties in the United States.

Madi and Patrick have achieved great success both individually and collectively within the real estate industry and are currently focused on takeovers of B and C-class multifamily assets in Texas with a large “value-add” component. This enables investors to recycle their original capital after bank refinancing’s and obtain ownership in multiple buildings using the same capital. They have a proven track record of restructuring and rebranding real estate projects with financial acumen, persistence, attention to detail, and social conscience.

Together they have committed as part of their business plan to make a positive impact socially and environmentally throughout their communities through initiatives including but not limited to organizing free after-school programs, meal programs, tutoring, regular monthly community events, sports programs, parenting classes and youth-at-risk programs. Additionally, they focus on sustainability, teaching their team and residents about the importance of making a positive environmental impact through recycling, composting, community gardens, tree planting, and installing energy-saving devices in all units. They have proven that focusing on improving the lives of their residents and being good environmental stewards translates to lower expenses and increased profits.

In this collaborative conversation, hear about Madi and Patrick’s individual journey to real estate investing, which eventually brought them together under similar circumstances to broaden their scope and reach. With a dedicated interest in making a significant contribution to their communities, Patrick and Madi discuss the unique approach they take in their business to have both a positive social and financial impact on their clients and investors. Mindfully and intentionally showing up in their business and personal lives, Madi and Patrick enjoy time with their family, continue to get excited about what they’re building and, best of all, each gets to work with their best friend along the way.

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