Commitment and Passion

“I love helping people reach their goals. I also love teaching people about what they can do with their lives, with their money, with their passions. Real estate is one way to do that. It’s one way to fund many different things and it can open a lot of doors for people. So, my favourite part is meeting people, finding out what makes them tick, and helping them take that one step further.” 

Natasha Phipps

Natasha Phipps’ entrepreneurial passion began in her childhood, working alongside her parents in their construction business. As an adult, she embarked on a path to create a business on her own terms. The space she felt had the most impact for her clients was with investment properties—which also happened to be her passion. Since purchasing her first real estate property 20 years ago, and with enthusiasm for what she was creating, Natasha has been motivated to not only stay in the game but to elevate it. 

With a background in real estate investing and with focused commitment, Natasha has forged relationships in the turn-key property market that makes it simple and unique for her out-of-town clients to invest from a distance. From purchase to financing to management, Natasha has her clients’ backs. Being an investor-focused real estate agent who is also in the trenches as a real estate investor, Natasha understands the needs and nuances of buying investment properties and her expertise is a great asset to investors’ businesses. 

In the latest episode of The Everyday Millionaire, Natasha shares how she and her husband, Rodney, acquired their real estate portfolio and how it supported their careers, family life, and health. She also offers her perspective on the Calgary real estate market during and amid COVID-19 and the top-four reasons why out-of-town investors are still attracted to the Alberta market.

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