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Kirsty Dunne has embraced a life of well-being, deep impact and a healthy sense of fearlessness. A celebrity fitness expert, wellness performance leader and brand ambassador for Adidas, her expertise, holistic brand presence and depth of knowledge have helped make her a respected wellness ambassador for a variety of well-known brands.

Her portfolio includes presenting and leading major Adidas campaigns for the global initiative “Here to Create”, the “Her Better” campaign with Sport Chek, and she hosted the first worldwide wellness event, Wanderlust, in partnership with Adidas. In 2016, she became Maybelline’s spokesperson for an online digital billboard wellness and beauty campaign, appearing in US Weekly and Bustle Digital.

Kirsty’s purpose-driven mission is to channel wellness initiatives into the culture of people’s lives and brands, through innovation and collaboration to impact health on a global scale. Her leadership and captivating presence continue to make her an established authority, making her mark on the health and fitness industry.

On the latest episode of The Everyday Millionaire, Kirsty discusses what led her to embrace fitness and nutrition, her path from fitness competitor to wellness coach, and how meditation helps her clear her mental space. She talks about the importance of stress management, and she shares what she is most proud of in her life’s work so far. Kirsty also provides her view of social media as well as her impact and purpose of using it.

Click here to listen to REIN CEO Patrick Francey’s full podcast interview with Kirsty.

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