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“Many times, in our internet, social media world…we forget about these interpersonal connections and that’s the true success to life, not necessarily finances. Finances help you set a foundation but to truly live life is to truly connect and not be alone.” – Marc Koran

Marc’s innate passion for entrepreneurialism was evident from childhood. Whether delivering newspapers, organizing the college spring break trip, or pioneering online bingo, he has always loved the challenge in creating things from scratch, finding a way to build a profitable business and in the end, build a strong financial foundation for himself and others.

Marc started with his first Apple IIe in 1984 and graduated from McGill University with a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering in 1995. Through that time Marc witnessed the advent of the internet and has remained in the front seat of the technology rollercoaster. Over the course of his 25-year career, Marc has been a participating founder of companies involved in ecommerce, interactive television, online casinos, online payments, and online marketing. He is currently Chief Security Officer at Wirecard Canada, in charge of keeping the bad guys from stealing our credit card information.

Marc’s passion for the positive impact of investment real estate started nine years ago and subsequently produced one of his favourite activities: writing dividend checks to his partners. Starting with single family buy and holds, he graduated to flips, renovations, small scale development, and is currently most active in commercial real estate in Alberta and Quebec. Marc is a cash investor advocate, and eager to help other investors with analysis, financing, investing, protecting, and placing funds. He has helped earn double-digit returns for his partners, investors, and himself.

Family is Marc’s first priority in life and as a husband and father to two teenagers, he revels in self-development, learning and keeping current. Books, podcasts, poker, chess, basketball, CrossFit, nutrition, coaching and new experiences are all part of his journey to self-discovery.  For Marc, life is about finding the path to help others while living fully and mindfully.

On the latest episode of The Everyday Millionaire, Marc shares his journey into real estate and REIN, explains how he overcame the intimidation of more zeros and bigger mortgages, and describes what’s next for him both in real estate and his expanding entrepreneurial ventures. He talks about his primary driver for forging ahead in business and building investments for himself and his partners, and describes his intentionality around self-development and improvement. Marc also shares an experience that kicked him hard, which he views as both a failure and a huge learning opportunity that informs how he shows up in business today. Listen now!

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