Creating A Movement of Real Estate Investment Advisors


REIN was the pioneer!

26 years ago it was REIN that created the conversation for real estate investing in Canada. In a time when all of the books, courses, tapes (yes tapes that went into your walkman, remember those, LOL), infomercials, nothing and nobody talked about real estate in Canada. 

REIN changed that forever and today we are the largest and most successful membership based organization that authentically educates about investment in real estate.

That was then… what about now? 

Naturally the world has changed. Opportunities have changed. The market has shifted and for the last 26 years we’ve been keeping you up-to-date with cutting-edge research. 

Are you ready for the tidal wave coming?

Today there is a new conversation taking place. When we say new conversations, we’re talking about massive shifts in our society. Shifts that will create a tidal wave of business activity for the right type of person. You see Canada is at the beginning of the largest inter-generational wealth transfer, ever. Over $1.5 Trillion (with a “T”) of wealth will transfer hands in the coming five to seven years and the great majority of this is REAL ESTATE WEALTH. 

The future has arrived…

Over the coming days, weeks, months you will hear a new conversation at REIN. Listen to Richard Dolan explain what is coming… the Real Estate Investment Advisor (REIA). Information sessions COMING SOON!


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