Creative Entrepreneur. Unwavering Truth Seeker.

“It all comes down to the diversity of thought and diversity of opinion being expressed. The more people are exposed to different ideas, the more they will be willing to accept and be able to listen to those ideas and then come up with a challenging viewpoint to those ideas. And in doing so they challenge themselves to formulate new, more integrated versions of reality.” 
Ilan Srulovicz 

Ilan Srulovicz is a successful CEO, actor, and director. His entrepreneurial journey began with Egard Watch Company, an idea inspired by his father’s support and Ilan’s desire to acknowledge that in a unique and creative way. The story around the watch, and the watch itself, caught the eye of William Shatner whom he partnered with on a new design. Using a then-new crowdfunding strategy for the pre-sale campaign of their new offering launched Egard to a whole new level of success. 

Ilan’s professional endeavours have included acting in major shows and films as well as directing short films which express his ideology around personal responsibility and freedom. His primary driver is to humanize situations to counteract broad, detrimental generalizations.  

In the latest episode of The Everyday Millionaire, Ilan walks through the narrative, the vision, and the unique aspect of Egard plus what he believes every entrepreneur needs. He also shares what he’s up to in the world of investment real estate: who influenced his interest, what he’s buying, and the philosophy behind his strategy. 

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