Curiosity, Humility & Perseverance

“Don’t be overly impressed by other people. Nobody knows what you think they know. They are leveraging other relationships in order to accomplish what they are. Set your goals based on what’s important to you, not to compete with somebody else. You can be an everyday millionaire with one or two properties.” 
Jeff Gunther

Jeff Gunther’s interest in real estate began as a young boy and from conversations with his father about the rental property they owned. He later became a real estate agent in Edmonton and used the opportunity to learn about real estate and found that teaching fueled him, so he became a real estate trainer and speaker. With a few rental properties in Alberta, Jeff decided to move forward with the support of The Real Estate Investment Network to ramp up his investments in Edmonton and surrounding areas.  

From Jeff’s life-experience, he realized that recognizing and deploying one’s inherent assets, collected relationships, and resources, plus one’s resourcefulness and resiliency to go about finding missing links, is what anchors him. Today, partnerships are Jeff’s default with business and investing, finding not just any partner but the right partner who is aligned with his values and goals is critical. 

In the latest episode of The Everyday Millionaire, Jeff shares the critical turning point that forced his hand into and to commit to real estate investing. He highlights the top 3 mistakes in real estate and shares his process for finding partners that are a great fit and create a win-win partnership.

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