Denise MacPherson: How Coaching Makes a Difference

denise_macpherson_blog.pngBy Denise MacPherson

When I was first starting out as a real estate investor, I decided that it was important to get education to understand what I needed to do. The problem that I faced was that, even with many courses and after reading many books, there were still times when I was unsure of what I needed to do next.

Things changed for me when I took on a personal coach and mentor. I now had someone that I could trust to look to for my particular situation. Until that time, the advice I received from instructors and other investors was well meaning, but wasn’t tailored to my particular circumstances.

My coach took the time to review my situation, understood what I wanted to achieve in the long term, and led me along a path that would take me to my long term goals. Now that I am a coach, I get to “pay it forward” by helping others, and ensuring that I can help them develop plans and strategies, and take actions that will move them closer to their goals (and even set new, bigger goals!).

Having a coach made a difference for me, and I know that it will make a difference for others.

Denise is a Real Estate Investment Advisor (REIA) and would love to make a difference for you. Find out more about Denise and the REIA program here.


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