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What makes me truly happy and engaged is helping others—to see that we’re making a measurable impact on clients’ wealth is very rewarding for me.

Dalia Barsoum

Growing up in a traditional family in Kuwait, and later as immigrants in Canada, Dalia Barsoum appeased her parents’ persistent career wishes for her and entered the corporate world working for BMO. In the end, corporate life was not her passion, but it was the catalyst that led her to forge her own path as an entrepreneur. With a clear understanding of the dynamics of investors’ needs, Dalia opened Streetwise Mortgages. 

Dalia’s desire to push herself beyond her comfort zone allowed her to unfurl from a shy, somewhat introverted personality, relatively isolated in the IT world, into the business world, connecting with people and accepting this was where she would thrive. Being of service and creating positive, measurable impacts for her clients is the fuel that ignites Dalia’s passion. 

In the latest episode of The Everyday Millionaire, Dalia shares about her leap from corporate life to entrepreneurship and how her parents played a huge role in her drive and success. She stresses the importance of planning in real estate investing and provides steps to structure an investing business that will flourish. Dalia also gives her perspective and insight on working in a predominantly male corporate industry. 

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