Devoted to the Art of Storytelling

“When you exercise your curiosity, and you come to someone without an agenda, you get so much more back. You’re going to learn from that person, it’s going to spur ideas, it’s going to help you change your thinking.” 
Sean De Vries

Sean de Vries is an award-winning producer, writer, director and real estate investor. Over the past 15 years, he has created and run more than 200 hours of television for major networks across Canada and around the world.

Sean’s strengths didn’t lie in being an employee or abiding by rules dictated by others, but he did get excited about being able to tell stories that hadn’t been told already and that people would pay attention to. His journey from university to a short spell in journalism, where he learned the art of storytelling, ultimately led him on the path he felt most aligned with and most passionate about.  

In the latest episode of The Everyday Millionaire, Sean shares his story of how he came to work in the film industry and two solutions he uses to manage his perpetual creative blocks. He discusses the challenges and pivots he’s made over the past year and how he’s shifted from being reactive to proactive. 

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