Do What You Love, and the Money Will Follow


By Richard Dolan

Longtime friend, author and world renowned speaker, Robin Sharma, once shared with me during a tea, “Do what you love and the money will follow.”

Since then, I’ve learned to live and lead in life from these words of wisdom and appreciate the gift of success it’s provided me.

Sharma, who is best known for having written world best-sellers such as The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari and The Saint, The Surfer and CEO, taught me to first find what I was passionate about, what I was gifted at doing, and define what I could do for a living that harnessed the two. To do this is to live your highest purpose and leverage optimally your greatest gifts fully.

To really appreciate this life lesson, and grow effective in your real estate investment and professional pursuits, tune in to watch a Miami Heat basketball game. It won’t take long for the sportscaster to share his enthusiasm on how well a Lebron James plays. Not just as a powerful forward, but also in the defense, point guard and post positions. In other words, he has mastery on 100% of the floor, 100% of the time.

That’s why he calls himself the “Chosen One.”

He is tough to cover, tough to guard and easy to play with. The same was true of Wayne Gretzky, the hockey great.

There are countless examples of professional athletes in team sport that are highly effective at playing multiple positions (and sometimes in other sports, as Michael Jordan and Bo Jackson proved). But there is something they have in common as well – they are special. They are gifted with athleticism, gifted with power and passion for the sport, and most of all, gifted in ways they are fully aware of, and exploiting fully.

I see professionals inside the world of finance, money and real estate as no different. We possess gifts, passions and a motivation to personally do well by helping others do well.

But, unlike athletes, the skills and ‘gifts’ aren’t so obvious, whether it’s having a keen sense for opportunity, an ability to read people well before they share what they are feeling, or a knack for presenting and articulating an idea.

In business, we rarely hear people say, “Gee whiz, that Mary sure is gifted at bringing together the team to get these ideas operationalized.”

That’s why, right now at the beginning of a new year, it is the perfect time to take stock and inventorize your gifts, talents and natural abilities so as to harness and leverage them smarter inside your real estate investment and professional pursuits.

Ask yourself these three questions: What am I passionate about? What are my gifts? And what could I do inside the realm of real estate to harness these and make money?

For me personally, I discovered I had a passion to learn through reading new books, attending programs and mastering new skills. I realized my gifts were to teach and inspire others, with natural abilities in communicating, presenting and empowering people with new ideas and insights.

This brought me to a vocation inside the world of real estate as an educator, writer and coach.

You see, what I do today is a direct result of this very lesson:

Know your gifts, do what you love – and make money doing it inside the world of real estate.

Richard Dolan is the President of REIN and the resident expert on Performance for real estate investors and professionals. Addicted to producing results, Richard is an expert on raising funds, building brand and strategy with one aim: to produce competitive immunity.

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