Don R. Campbell on the Vancouver and Fraser Valley Real Estate Market



Prices in the Fraser Valley have always been low compared to prices in downtown Vancouver, but this year the condo prices in the Fraser Valley have gone up by a higher percentage than the condo prices in Vancouver. What does this mean for real estate investing? Is the affordability gap closing?

Don R. Campbell, REIN’s Senior Analyst, joins Joannah Connolly on The Real Estate Therapist on Roundhouse Radio 98.3 Vancouver to discuss this and other topics relating to the BC real estate market.

How does Don think the new NDP government will affect the market? Pretty much in the same way the market reacts to any new government.

When talking about the high rent prices in Vancouver is Don of the “it’s not a supply issue” camp or the “you need to build more” camp? Well when the supply of new rental properties in Vancouver has to go through a ton of red tape then there will be a correlation between approval times for new projects, low supply, and the rent prices continuing to go up.

To find out what Don thinks about these topics and more, and to hear him “bust some myths” listen to the whole interview here.


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