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“If you really want to have success in this, and you really want to have success going forward, you have to change your full thinking; it’s simple, but it’s not easy. There’s a paradigm shift that has to happen.”
Mark Moss 

Mark Moss is not only a real estate investor, but he also creates content for YouTube. One of his recent projects was a YouTube video called This is How a Currency Dies. On a world-scale, Mark believes we are at the stage of globalization and central planning and is producing a three-part video series that breaks down three converging cycles, one of which is the 250-year revolutionary cycle, the last of which started in 1776 with the American and French revolution. 

Through his experience with various currencies (from gold to crypto to bitcoin), Mark now stands as a sound money advocate. From the perspective of mental fortitude during difficult times, Mark offers guidance on tenacity and perseverance. He shares three ways people need to focus on money: creating wealth, use wealth to accumulate more wealth (investing) and focusing on wealth protection. 

In the latest episode of The Everyday Millionaire, Mark shares his viewpoint of Canada and its political, social, and cultural issues, what he studies in the real estate market and the natural resource market. He also shares his insights on the real estate market and the action he is taking, plus what he sees interest rates doing. 

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