Economic Empowerment Through Financial Education

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“If we just asked ourselves, what can we teach in school to make sure these kids are protected, to make sure theses kids can live a happy, healthy life and work towards their dreams? I would say the majority of the subject matter they are teaching across borders, countries, the world would be eliminated and replaced with financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and career education.” – Vince Shorb

Special Guest: Vince Shorb

Vince Shorb is one of the country’s leading advocates for promoting financial wellness and a thought leader in teaching and scaling financial education programming. After spending 15 years in financial services working one-on-one with more than 20,000 people, he founded the National Financial Educators Council – an organization dedicated to combating the financial illiteracy epidemic. He is the current CEO of the NFEC, an IACET Accredited company and a Certified B Corporation.

Vince’s mission is to create a world where people are informed to make qualified financial decisions and confidently take effective financial action that best helps them meet their basic human needs while moving toward fulfilling their personal, family, and global community goals.

Shorb has led the NFEC in the development of 2,500 financial education programs and more than 80 financial literacy assets and financial education standards that guide the industry. His focus is on
mobilizing and developing community champions and empowering them with the resources, knowledge, and processes they need to help their communities’ citizens work toward financial self-sufficiency and security.

Listen in to this episode as Vince and Patrick get into the topics of financial literacy, the gaps Vince sees between couples having money conversations, and the lack of relevant education and life skills that still exist in school curriculums around the globe. Vince shares what lights him up about entrepreneurialism particularly in the financial education space, peer pressure through advertising and social media, and how they are tackling and advocating for increased education, and more critical thinking in today’s world.

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