Embracing Life with Vigor & Passion

“It’s quality of life; that yin and yang between money and happiness. I’ve also chosen the happiness route; I’ve never been overburdened. Yes, I always end up biting off more than I can chew but that’s not because of greed, it’s because of ambition. It’s because I’m motivated, I love what I do, and doing what you love is part of that quality of life.” 
Mark Vosylius 

Mark Vosylius believes there are two ways to live life: through abundance or scarcity. Mark chose abundance. He left a secure job working at the railway to pursue entrepreneurship and live life on his terms, emphasizing the importance of quality of life: free time, health, enjoyment, and love. His journey led him to become a full-time business-savvy real estate investor. 

Mark stresses the importance of keeping current and highly educated as real estate investors and stewards of investment dollars. Analysis, critical thinking, and keen attention to the economic fundamentals are essential. As a developer and builder, Mark describes the challenges he and many others are up against, building new homes in the face of rising inflation that is likely going to last for some time. 

In the latest episode of the Everyday Millionaire, Mark and Patrick provide clarification on what rent-to-own means, and the full-service approach Mark’s company offers to set tenant-buyers up for success. Mark further discusses how he decided to solve the problem of a fast-moving market with slow-moving lenders. 

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