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“Another very major milestone was the moment I realized that the limitations that I have for being a developer, being a builder, the limitations that I have because of my access to equity could be alleviated by private equity, by private capital, by investors. We require investors throughout our whole life because an investment is not only a monetary amount, a lot of times people give their time, give a lot of different things to us. They’re investors in us.” 

– August Biniaz

Special Guest: August Biniaz

August Biniaz is a Real Estate Developer, Fund Manager, General Partner, and a Real Estate Private Equity Thought Leader with 15 years of experience in real estate. He is the co-founder of CPI Capital, where he acts as the CSO and COO working with operating partners across the US. August was instrumental in the closing of over $170 million of multifamily assets since inception.

August has a passion for sharing his knowledge and helping others reach financial freedom. August enables investor partners to earn substantial returns by investing in multifamily properties in the hottest US markets. He educates his investor partners about Real Estate Private Equity through the CPI Academy platform, YouTube Show, Webinars, MeetUp Groups, Real Estate Weekly LinkedIn Newsletter, and one on one coaching.

Tune in to this episode to get to know more about August, his family’s journey from Iran to Canada, what lit his entrepreneurial fire and his passion for achieving the extraordinary. August shares how he and his partners show up for their investors, always in integrity and mindful of their trust. August also offers some great guidance for budding entrepreneurs, for working together with your significant other and shares his philosophy around business and personal well-being.

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