Eric & Karen Peters: What is the value of coaching?

karen_eric_peters_blog.pngBy Eric & Karen Peters

What is the value of coaching?

Throughout much of our time in business, and that has been a long time now – nearing 45 years, we have been loners. We took it as a medal of honour that we had “done it” by ourselves.

But did we really?

Throughout our business careers, we were blessed to have people who spoke into our lives. We
attended seminars by the 100s and read trade and related magazines like they were water on the
edge of the desert we had just crossed. In truth, we had many mentors and coaches, just not a
focussed relationship with those who helped us.

The reality is, tapping into a coach with the right knowledge and skill would have leapfrogged us
far ahead of where we managed to go. That’s where we come in. We can be chatted with
informally whenever we meet, but we can be much more active and focussed in how we help if
we’re actually on your team.

Effective business people are never lone wolves. It takes a team to be effective, and we can help
you make that team sing in beautiful harmony.

When the going gets tough, a coach can make a difference.

Just a few days ago, an investor called us looking for a solution to his dilemma. In the recent
economic downturn, he lost his job. He has some rental properties, but they are not all
generating rent right now, so he is having to meet the mortgage payment from his now very
limited resources.

Upon reviewing his situation, we suggested that perhaps he request a “holiday” from his bank
underwritten mortgages – as many banks make allowance for this. This simple suggestion
provided significant relief.

Can a coach always come up with an answer that solves everything, definitely not, BUT, usually
they can at least incrementally improve the situation. Go ahead, give us your tough ones – we
love to rise to the challenge.

You can learn more about REIN coaching here.

Eric and Karen Peters are here to help you build a real estate portfolio that assists you in achieving your dreams: retirement, travel, philanthropy, giving to loved ones, and anything else you cherish. Together, this husband and wife duo has been investing in real estate for over 15 years. They have earned multiple awards from the Real Estate Investment Network, by owning 60 plus doors through their companies, while simultaneously and successfully managing dozens of other doors for various investors.


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