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“I feel that it is so very important to invest in the community. We are business owners here and we generate our income here, so it’s important to give back and to show that we are giving back. I’ve heard from other tenants who have said ‘we feel a sense of pride, we feel a sense of ownership that we’re doing something positive to make an impact in the community.’”
Natasha Feghali

Natasha Feghali is an international educator working overseas throughout her career while offering workshops, seminars, and conferences nationally and internationally. Philanthropy is at the heart of Natasha’s investment business, and she describes the impact it has had, not only on the community at large but also her community of tenants. 

Entrepreneurship is both in Natasha’s nature—coming from a long line of real estate investors in her family—and nurture, being encouraged and supported by her parents. Seeking creativity in all her endeavours, Natasha identified a gap within the new generation of investors which was education. She set about creating a video series both in support of investors’ business journeys and to bring an additional element of creativity and contribution to hers. Mentorship is the critical gap Natasha seeks to fill. 

In the latest episode of The Everyday Millionaire, Natasha talks about her entry into the world of education, the influence her parents offered from their experiences, as well as the opportunities she has created to bring her love of education around the globe.

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