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Have you set your goals yet? Have you ever thought about what your goals are? Are you doing anything to fulfil your goals? Is perseverance paying off for achieving the goals that you have set?

Maybe your goal is to retire next year, afford that dream car, or pay for your child’s education. Maybe it is to travel the world and see new things? Or is it your dream to build a custom house with the help of waukesha county home builders?

Well, this was the case for a young Oliver Limcangco (now 31 and somewhere in Asia) as he pursued his dreams of engineering to what he thought would be until the bitter end, only to end up at a REIN meeting.

Oliver, an electrical engineer by trade, was excited to begin his career when he graduated from the University of Toronto. As he entered his field, he quickly realized that it was not the career for him. The monotony of 40 years in a nine-to-five engineer role set Oliver on course for change.

At one point in my life I really felt like an outsider, which was very weird because it seemed like everybody else was okay with the routine and the plans that they had, Oliver says regarding his first month working. I just knew there was something more.

At that point, he began to search for solutions to his problem, with little success. One avenue many engineers, like Oliver, explore is how to open a mechanic shop, but one day his friend introduced him to a member at REIN, and here Oliver saw the potential opportunity for the change that he was looking for.

I fired off a million questions in one email, he says, prior to being persuaded to hop on a plane from Toronto to Edmonton to attend an ACRE event in 2007. It was there that he decided real estate investing was his future. After that, a then 25-year-old Oliver Limcangco began his search for his first Joint Venture Partner, which led to him moving to Calgary.

After moving to Calgary, in the peak of the 2007-2008 market, Oliver took a job in sales to better learn how to pitch a Joint Venture to a prospective partner. I sold copiers, Oliver says. He attributes this to himself being easily persuaded. I read Rich Dad Poor Dad, and he said to sell copiers so I did and that s how I learned to sell.

Oliver then started making sales and purchased his first property with his JV partner, only able to qualify for the mortgage because of his income in sales. His first property was a townhome in Edmonton, which he still has in his portfolio. One thing that Oliver urges investors beginning their portfolio is to not skip steps, something that he learned the hard way.

They say, Don t skip any steps. Screen your tenants I m like, that s not going to happen. I ve got a good feeling about this. Despite his good feeling, Oliver attributes his skipping steps to what he calls his worst tenant issues. But, he takes his mistake in stride and uses it as education in his road to success.

When the prices of homes began to decline in Calgary, Oliver shifted his new portfolio acquisitions closer to home. With five percent down, Oliver began purchasing duplexes with a rental suite on one side and his own living quarters on the other in order to qualify for a home-owner s mortgage.

What can I do at this point in time with what I have? Oliver says is his motto for investing, which eventually led him to purchase duplexes on a yearly basis. In four years, as Oliver moved from suite to suite in his own portfolio, he accumulated a portfolio of 11 units. That s when people start listening to you.

Oliver began to network and raise the necessary capital for a 20 percent down payment. This enabled him to stop moving around from property to property to fulfill mortgage requirements. But, with his new success, Oliver didn t have a home in mind.

I knew that I wanted to do this trip six years ago, Oliver says, regarding his recent excursion a trip around the world with no return ticket and no return date. He and his girlfriend pooled their money together, money that Oliver attributes solely to investing, and planned their trip.

To date, Oliver has doubled his portfolio to 20 units, and has three potential Joint Venture partners lined up with a prospective six properties to be purchased. His support team is equipped to handle his portfolio while he is gone, and the best thing about his position is that he can interact via a Wi-Fi connection over the next who-knows-how-long he decides to be away.

This trip, to him, in addition to it being a dream of his, is one of self-actualization. He plans on using this time to figure out the answer to the question that stands in front of him: What s next?

That s one of the things I want to do on this trip is to find out what s next. I don t know yet, Oliver says in response to the question. Because he purchased many of his properties during the crash, he would like to focus his attention on multi-family properties when (or if) he returns. He plans on using the profits from properties that get sold over the next few years to wait for a good opportunity to arise.

Oliver is a true success story; someone who has risen from an immigrant engineer to a successful investor with large aspirations for the future. That s really what REIN gives you. It gives you a path to get there.

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