Flat Tires, Drilling Rigs and Real Estate


While he’s now one of the top Realtors in BC and a real estate investor with over 100 properties, Mitch Collins came from humble beginnings.

After high school, Mitch took a job on a drilling rig. When he was 18, his mom had fallen behind on her mortgage payments and reached out to him for help. He had no funds to help her, and just felt powerless. He never wanted to be in a position where he could not support his family, ever again.

One night, Mitch was heading home from work and he got a flat tire. There on the side of the road, a stranger stopped and drove Mitch to the tire repair shop. When Mitch discovered that this stranger – Brian – was a full time real estate investor, he began asking him a flood of questions. Brian was part of a real estate investor’s group, and invited Mitch to a meeting that night. Inspired by the many stories he heard of successful real estate investors, Mitch quit the rigs, moved to Calgary, and started attending REIN meetings.

After an ACRE weekend in Edmonton, Mitch signed up for REIN Membership, went home, and used the tools from the weekend to get a loan and really begin his investing career.

For a while, Mitch spread himself too thin. He was neglecting his life, his wife, his family. He gained weight, separated from his wife for about a year, became depressed and even turned to alcohol.

“Don’t ever underestimate the value of nurturing yourself,” he told us. Eventually, the pressure of his life became too much, and Mitch had to make a change. He quit making work a priority, started going to the gym, playing guitar, and lost 145 pounds. He doubled his income, worked less than half the time, and became a top Realtor in BC.

With real estate in the back seat, Mitch was able to put his family first, and now real estate funds the life he wants, real estate is not his life. Mitch currently owns over 100 properties, and still has the freedom to spend time with the people he loves, doing the things he loves. Since 2003, Mitch has been building real estate wealth to support not himself, his family, and his lifestyle. 

Find out more about building real estate wealth here, or listen to Mitch’s full interview below:

“Your job should not rule your life, but
support you in all the things you want to do.”

In this interview, you will learn:

  • How Mitch began real estate investing and what it took to get his real estate investing business to take off
  • What real estate had to offer Mitch that his regular, well-paying job did not
  • Why and how he transitioned from his full time job on the drilling rigs to real estate investor and Realtor
  • How to find balance between real estate investing and your personal life – and just how important this balance is


“Don’t ever underestimate the
value of nurturing yourself.”

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Mitch Collins is a real estate investor and Realtor in Fort St. John, BC. He has been investing in real estate since 2003 and has been a REIN Member since 2006.

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