Funding a Trip to 20 Countries with Real Estate


Oliver Limcangco has been investing since the mid-2000s and now uses his real estate portfolio to fund his travelling lifestyle. Once he had acquired 27 doors with strong cash flow, Oliver and his wife, Annie, bought one-way tickets and spent the next 352 days travelling the world. They didn’t know where they were going, they just knew they’d be gone for a year, and it was only because of Oliver’s successful real estate portfolio that this was possible.

While they travelled to 20 countries over the course of their year away, originally Oliver’s life was not set up this way. Oliver graduated with an engineering degree in the Philippines, then moved to Canada in 2002. Three months into his job, he realized it was not the career for him. He didn’t want to do the same thing day in and day out with no end goal for the next 30-40 years. Then a friend recommended REIN. He attended an ACRE weekend in Edmonton, took about two weeks to think about it, then he and his wife moved to Alberta because that’s where it was recommended that he start investing.

“If I’m going to start, I’m going to start in the best possible position. That’s why I got a one-way ticket to Alberta, and it’s all or nothing.”

In order to get started, Oliver put 5% down on a fourplex and moved into the building. He lived there for a year or two, then moved on and did the same thing with other fourplexes. To really be successful though, Oliver needed joint venture partners, and as an immigrant from the Philippines, his English was not the best and he had a fear of talking to people. So he took a job in sales, sold copiers, and used to ride the CTrain in Calgary back and forth, talking to people until he truly conquered his fear.

“Really if you’re lacking that skill, the only way to get it is to go do it, so that’s just what I did.”

One he started travelling, Oliver spent roughly three to four hours a week on his portfolio. He even closed on six properties while away, and credits this to the great team he assembled before leaving. Because of the people Oliver knew through the REIN community, he was able to assemble a team of either REIN Members or professionals recommended by REIN Members.

Now that he’s returned home to Canada, he says the best thing about having a real estate portfolio is that he’s not on anyone else’s timeline now: he has control over what he wants to do with his time. Because he had a vision of what his success looked like, Oliver was able to work backwards, taking steps every day to bring him closer to it. And now that he’s conquered his travel dreams, he has a new adventure in his sights: fatherhood.

Hear Oliver’s full interview here:


“As long as you have that dream that you really want to execute and you’re telling yourself that you need to do it, there’s nothing really stopping you but yourself.”

In this interview, you will learn:

  • How to fund a full year of travelling the world with real estate
  • What it takes to manage (and grow) a real estate portfolio from overseas
  • The importance of a supportive network and a great team
  • And more!


“Make sure you don’t lose sight of the big goal,
and that the journey is as important as the goal
in order to shape you and to make you strong.”


Oliver Limcango is a real estate investor in Calgary, Alberta. He has been investing since the mid-2000s and was a REIN Member for eight years. Find out if Membership is right for you.



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