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 “It’s not timing the market, it’s time IN the market. Our model has always been long-term investments, generational wealth. If you surround yourself with the right people, take action; long-term investing in my opinion? You can’t lose.” 

Adrian Pannozzo

Special Guest:
Adrian Pannozzo

After a 21-year career of policing in Ontario, and 10 years as a part-time real estate investor, in 2017 Adrian Pannozzo decided to take the leap and engage full-time in his business of real estate investing. Built in less than a decade, Adrian’s professional portfolio consisting of 64+ investment properties or the equivalent of 240+ units, is undeniable proof of his expertise. Since making that shift, Adrian has founded Executive Properties Inc., a high scale, full-service property management company that services over 500 doors in the Hamilton area and Executive Properties Capital Inc, an investment company that raises capital through joint venture partnerships to purchase investment properties. He is also the co-founder of Vision Construction Management, a full-service construction company that focuses on multifamily conversions and renovations in the Hamilton area and part owner of a highly successful real estate team, Mackay Realty Network. 

In this episode, Adrian discusses how his training and experience within the police department helped him expand his capacity beyond an “in-the-box” mindset to a place of abundance, problem-solving and possibility. Adrian offers some wisdom and guidance for anyone considering a path into the business of real estate investing, expands on their approach to raising capital, attracting and vetting joint venture partners and takes us on a walk through the creation of his proven buy, renovate, and refinance strategy.

Through conscious choice, passion for his business, and surrounding himself with a winning team, Adrian and his family have built the financial freedom to enjoy a values-aligned lifestyle together, along with the benefit of creating a legacy of contribution helping others achieve their own generational wealth. 

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