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TEDM - Derrick Sweet

Derrick Sweet is a keynote speaker and author of three highly-celebrated books: Healthy Wealthy and Wise, Get the Most Out of Life, and You Don’t Have to Die to Go to Heaven.

A former Senior Investment Advisor and Vice President of one of the largest investment firms in Canada, Derek is now the Chairman and Founder of the Healthy, Wealthy and Wise Corporation®, the parent company of the Certified Coaches Federation™.

He developed Cognitive Reflex Conditioning®, a four-step behavior modification process that empowers people to reframe how they approach and achieve their goals. Together with his wife, Derrick strives to help people get out of their own way so they can make the most of their time on earth and realize a fulfilled and meaningful life.

According to Derrick, while our intention may change from day to day, it should always be to be glorious in some way. He believes we don’t have any time to waste and that our thoughts, emotions and beliefs are like currency, making it extremely important to remain positive and on point.

On the latest episode of The Everyday Millionaire, Derrick discusses how he went from Bay Street to Life Coach, the importance of self-actualization in living our lives to their fullest potential, and how intentionally and mindfully choosing our language creates the reality we live. He also shares why he created Healthy, Wealthy and Wise®, the vision he sees for his business, and how plant-based eating brings him into conversations with others about kindness, health and the environment.

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