Housing Market Crisis- Is It Hopeless?

The latest episode of The Everyday Millionaire Podcast is now online!

“We know there’s sensible options; just try something. We go years studying things. We go years having commissions. We go years having more studies after the studies. We change our minds about what to do. Just build it! Just do something, take action.” – Ron Butler

Ron Butler is a veteran mortgage broker who, in his multi‐decade career, has been involved in every facet of the broker channel from private mortgage lending to direct to consumer digital mortgage origination.

His eponymous brokerage: Butler Mortgage Inc. is a family business founded with his sons. With mortgage origination volumes of well over $1 Billion per year for many years. After personally reviewing tens of thousands of mortgage applications his insights on Residential Mortgages in Canada are both granular and wide ranging.

 Ron has served on FSRA’s TACC Committee and has been a main platform speaker at numerous Mortgage Professionals Canada events. Ron’s perspective on industry trends is sought after by news media: Reuters, CBC, CTV, The Report on Business, Financial Post, The Toronto Star.

@ronmortgageguy is the most followed mortgage professional on Twitter.

Listen in to this episode as Ron and Patrick take a deep dive into the housing crisis, the devastating crush of supply and demand, interest rates, politics over policy and what is not working. But don’t change that dial! The conversation continues on to explore solutions, ideas, innovation, perspective and most importantly, gratitude.

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