How our REIAs Fell in Love with Real Estate


Our Real Estate Investment Advisors (REIAs) have a wealth of knowledge and experience with real estate and real estate investing. We already know they love to share their knowledge with their coaching clients, so this Valentine’s Day, we asked them to tell us how they fell in love with real estate or what one thing is they love most about real estate. Read on to find out thirteen of our coaches’ real estate love stories! 

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Andrew_Palhetas150x150.jpgAndrew Palhetas

“What I love most about real estate is the financial freedom real estate has provided to me and my family. Not only has real estate afforded me the ability to travel more often and for longer duration, but it has also provided me the freedom to quit my 9-5 job and focus on doing what I love: helping other investors achieve the lifestyle they have always dreamed of.”

Cynthia_Aasen150x150.jpgCynthia Aasen

“The simple reason I love real estate is that it’s the most powerful way to accumulate wealth, it is a hedge against inflation, it has a strong history of appreciation over time, and it can be leveraged at very low cost while you take advantage of 100% of the appreciation, cashflow and tax benefits. The biggest reason I love real estate is that you can use other people’s money to buy it and have someone else pay you to own it.  Real estate requires a very small commitment of time compared to many other investments, like buying a small business, and you can invest in real estate with very little interference with your current job.”

Eric_Karen150x150.jpgEric & Karen Peters

“Our favourite thing about real estate investing is that we can make a difference in the profitability of our client’s investment; something generally not available in other investments.”

Gary_Waddleton150x150.jpgGary Waddleton

“What I love most about real estate is the wealth it builds and the opportunity to build that wealth for someone else! You will be challenged as a real estate investor and you will deal with adversity both in your business and personal life.The people who have a strong desire are the people who persist and continue on toward their success in the face of all those challenges.”

Gayland_Panko150x150.jpgGayland Panko

“The one thing that I love most about real estate is the slow (sometimes) and steady way that it pays you every day, even when you sleep.  Positive cash flow, principal pay down, and long term appreciation all happen in the background after you have invested and set management in place.  I don’t know of a better investment that you can set up today, and literally sit back and watch your wealth grow; assuming you invest properly.”

Geoff_Pratt150x150.jpgGeoff Pratt “In 2008 we were invested heavily in equities, looking for long term growth. We lost one third of our net worth that year. I was 60 years old and wondered how I could ever earn it back. After exploring all my options, I fell in love with real estate. It gave more control, more stability, and long term growth potential.”
jose_jafferji150x150.jpgJose Jafferji

“I love the control and predictability that real estate Investing provides for me and my family.  It is the only class of investment where I have full control of every aspect of my investment, and if I buy correctly, market fluctuations have very little impact on my overall returns.  As long as I have a good quality property that attracts good quality tenants, my mortgage gets paid down every month, and I build slow and steady appreciation over the years.”

Keith_uthe150x150.jpgKeith Uthe

“I fell in love with real estate when I realized that real estate would allow me to take control of not only the return on my capital but more importantly the return of my capital.  

I love seeing the smile we put on the faces of our joint venture partners and tenants.  There is nothing more satisfying than seeing the joy on a tenant’s face when they get to move into a well-cared for place that they can be proud of.”

Paul_DAbruzzo150x150.jpgPaul D’Abruzzo “My journey in real estate began at the tender age of 21. I flew to California by myself to attend a three-day conference about how to generate different streams of passive income. I left that event with just two words burned into my mind; they were “real estate” and “cash flow”. Upon returning I began educating myself on real estate in my local market, and at the age of 24 I finally had enough money and courage to take a leap forward and acquire my first property. I guess you could say I fell in love with the journey itself. It has been a very rewarding one and there is a still lot more to come.”
Randy_Dalton150x150.jpgRandy Dalton

“What I love most about real estate is while everyone else is singing the winter blues; I am opening up my mortgage statements. This happens every January and the mortgage paydown I am now seeing is the meat and potatoes of this business.  It’s never about the money really; it is what it does for you. I look forward to continuing to create inter-generational wealth for my wife, and my daughter.”

Scott_Street150x150.jpgScott Street “I love the freedom and flexibility real estate investment has given me to pursue my dreams and enjoy my passions.  I also love that my net worth grows each month as our tenants pay down our debt.  The appreciation is icing on the cake!!”
Shannon_Murree150x150.jpgShannon Murree “It allows me the opportunity to work with people who have like-minded goals. We share a common interest in ways to get ahead with wealth creation strategies to secure our future, create a lifestyle so we can spend more time with our families, give back to our community or do more things we love. Real estate represents freedom and opportunity for our money to work harder for us as opposed to us working harder for our money.”
Valeri_Khromov150x150.jpgValeri Khromov “I don’t love real estate. It’s full of risks, stress and 24/7 effort before achieving results. But I do love the results, lifestyle and impact I can make and maintain through real estate. To myself, my family, people I care about and communities. real estate is a great tool that, when used right, allows one to achieve outstanding results even in a short period of time.”
Vincent_Langer150x150.jpgVince Langer “Working with people is why I love real estate. Providing tenants with great places to live while growing my net worth is a very satisfying business to be in.  My journey in real estate has also provided opportunities to meet and network with like-minded people and build new friendships along the way.”

Real estate investing takes planning and understanding. Our Real Estate Investment Advisors have a shared goal of helping you fall in love wtih real estate – and if not with real estate, at least with the freedom and opportunities it can provide! Visit this page to learn more about all of our real estate coaches and what they can do for you.


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