How Real Estate is Like Adopting a Dog

Real estate is a lot like adopting a dog. When you get a dog, everything in your environment has to adjust to accommodate your new puppy. Your puppy goes through the process of growing up: he gets bigger, he needs a place to sleep, he needs to go for walks, etc. But if you don’t create the right environment for that, your dog will not thrive, and neither will you. The most successful pet owners establish a great environment, and have a system to follow. They set themselves up for success by changing how they operate in order to seamlessly integrate the dog into their life.

Just like buying a dog, to succeed in real estate, you need to embrace it, get the right training and create the right environment. Authentic Canadian Real Estate (A.C.R.E) Investor Summit (March 6-8 in Calgary) will give you the opportunity to get grounded & updated in your next steps and how you are going to move forward in real estate. It is the place to come to surround yourself with like-minded individuals in a community and culture that is collaborative and supportive. You’ll have the chance to listen in as we create a space for you to learn from experts, understand what is currently going on in the real estate market, and start to put a plan together for 2020 and beyond.

If you’re not sure if A.C.R.E is right for you, watch this 30 minute overview video with REIN CEO Patrick Francey and REIN CGO JG Francoeur!

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