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“I think it’s really just a matter of trying to open people’s eyes to what is possible and what are the steps you need to take in order to make it possible.”
-Kyle Green

Kyle Green has been working as a mortgage broker since 2006 and has carved out a niche as an investment property specialist since 2008. His years of experience working with the Real Estate Action Group and many other investors and investment groups has made him one of the go-to resources for financing investment properties in Canada.

He has been a top producing franchise agent in British Columbia since 2011 and is now in the top 99.9% of mortgage brokers for annual funded volume. His articles have been featured in many publications such as the Vancouver Sun, The Province, Western Investor, Philippine Canadian Inquirer and more. One of his proudest awards is the REAG Joint Venture Award for his deal of the year in 2010, in which he closed on a $1.15 million property with $0 of his own money.

Kyle has been investing in real estate personally and his Cash Flow Analysis Spreadsheet – which he originally designed for himself – has been a huge hit with thousands of investors currently using it. His creativity goes a long way in finding ways of getting tough deals approved. Whether you are a first time home buyer or an investor, Kyle has the skill set to help you grow real estate wealthy!

During his free time Kyle likes to play hockey, watch Canucks hockey, and hang out with friends – and probably talk hockey!

​​On the latest episode of The Everyday Millionaire, Kyle expands on the specialized mortgage brokerage he has created, and the ever-growing team he is developing at the Green Team. He reveals the initial force behind his decision to get licensed as a mortgage broker and shares how his values are truly aligned with his chosen path. Kyle also discusses the two success factors behind his achievements so far, how he sees himself relating to fellow millennials and more!

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