In the Mood!

“There is loss. If you resist loss you get morose. When you accept the loss, when you experience the sadness, then you take the next breath—good. Now, what is the opportunity in front of you.” 
Alan Cahn 

We have likely all experienced a full spectrum of feelings and emotions throughout the last three months of COVID-19. Whether you’ve been struggling, suffering, insensitive, arrogant, joyful, or stoic, the main thing is to stay present and grounded in today, according to four-time special guest Alan Cahn. 

Our mood affects our acceptance of the facts, of reality. In order to work through our mood, we need to initiate the three E’s: Experience it, embrace it, explore it. And then, let exploration lead to action. Navigating moods to explore how we feel is crucial—our moods are often affected by deeper emotions than just what’s on the surface. 

In the latest episode of The Everyday Millionaire, Alan considers the outcomes from resisting the notion “anything is possible” to embracing it and helps us find a structure and useful practices to transcend our mood toward achieving a goal—big or small—and truly elevate. Alan also guides us through four areas to look after during this global pause to help recover both our planet and ourselves.

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