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Wisdom is the intelligence that comes with experience. It’s not about blindly going forward, it’s about applying your wisdom, and about constantly evaluating and re-evaluating where you’re at and what you’re doing and responding and adjusting and trimming the sails so that you keep going in the right direction.” – David Morrison

Special Guest: David Morrison

After beginning his career as a lawyer, David founded Morrison Financial Services Limited in 1987 with the objective of providing tailored asset-based financing to small and medium-sized businesses. David enjoys every aspect of his role, from being a member of the credit committee, to planning and steering his company’s development, and watching the team grow.

David has recently been appointed a member of the Ontario Securities Commission’s Investment Funds Technical Advisory Committee (IFTAC) for a two-year term. He is also a member of the Technical Advisory Committee that provides industry input to the Financial Services Regulatory authority of Ontario, in relation to the mortgage industry

“Wisdom is the intelligence that comes with experience.” This is certainly true of David. He shares his story of diving into the business of financial services, and the pivotal moments that led him to build a multi-million dollar business. Open and willing to talk about his hits and misses, David discusses his view of entrepreneurialism, the impetus that drove his own experience, how he mitigates risk, and advice for those with a proclivity towards life in business. David is at a point in his life now where his priorities are shifting and evolving but the one constant is being of contribution to help others in their self-actualization and personal success.

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