Insights for an Enduring Future

“There’s change coming. The rate of change is faster, so just stay on top of it, make smart moves; and hopefully, you make those moves early. You’re going to lose some, but you can run your wins longer.“
Derek Lobo 

Is real estate a flight to safety in an inflationary world? Though there is no concrete answer to this question, Derek Lobo suggests there are certainly concerns when apartment buildings are challenged by policies beyond an investor’s control, but they can also provide a secure and lucrative opportunity to place investment dollars. For more than 30 years, Derek has worked extensively in the apartment and student housing industry across Canada and the United States and shares his insights on what might be in store for Canada in the future. 

Based on his current observation and mindset, Derek shares his philosophy and offers some guidance about risk-taking and opportunity around unemployment, labour shortages, wage subsidies, small businesses, and the impact of the policymakers’ dance. He offers two perspectives when it comes to choosing an investment option and unique commodities people are investing in right now. 

In the latest episode of The Everyday Millionaire, Derek and Patrick discuss the current landscape for building owners and how inflation and interest rates might affect the large multi-family apartment building sector. 

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