Introducing The Everyday Millionaire Podcast


Hey! What’s that sound?

It’s a brand new podcast channel created by REIN’s own CEO Patrick Francey!

We are pleased to introduce to you The Everyday Millionaire podcast!

For over 20 years, Patrick has been coaching, educating and supporting the success of thousands of real estate investors and entrepreneurs, and now he wants to take what he has learned and share it with you!

In this first episode, learn directly from the source what it means to be an Everyday Millionaire and the first step you need to take to achieve Everyday Millionaire status for yourself. Listen in here to find out more!


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PF_150x150.jpgAbout Patrick Francey

CEO, Canadian Real Estate Investor, Business Owner, Educator, Coach

Patrick is well-known by Canadian real estate investors and entrepreneurs for his coaching, mentorship, and for the education he delivers by teaching and sharing his business philosophies, investment insights, and real-life experiences.

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