Not Reading This Is Costing You Money!


Every year in January, millions of people set ‘new years resolutions’ to make more money and by the 4th day most people have quit. Sounds familiar?

You A Quitter?

You most likely know someone who behaves like this and just like us at REIN you want them to take control of their life. Fact is, people can take control of their financial life if they follow a proven step-by-step plan. You know this and that’s why you are part of the REIN ecosystem.

However some people want  more, they want to ELEVATE their game. They want to expand their horizons from buy-and-hold strategies to income producing strategies. Maybe you want to quit your job and go full-time into real estate… Maybe you want to invigorate your portfolio in such a way that you double down your financial future with real estate.

Over 10,000 Deals…

All of this is possible with our Rapid Cash Flow Program lead by the legend himself Barry McGuire. With over 40 years of law experience, Barry has closed over 10,000 deals. Imagine having that experience on your side…


Key Benefits of our Rapid Cash Flow Program

  1. The 2 day program is chalk full of learning. Not only education but live practice where we’ll work on deals together! This isn’t a learning program, it’s a DOING program
  2. The program comes with amazing home study content for you to elevate your education to the next level. I’m talking about deal-ready documents, joint-venture agreements, rent-to-own success, legal templates and much more. Just this component is valued over $9,691
  3. This is where the rubber meets the road. You will get a full fledged support package worth over $3,800 that includes live conference calls, unlimited email support, deal review sessions, marketing reviews and legal consultations
  4. Dollar for dollar you are getting this program at a 78% discount! The value of this program is over $13,491 and you will pay a fraction of that…


Turnkey & Guaranteed!

The fact is this program is turnkey! I’ve been around long enough to know that most people offer just enough education to get you hooked on their program so you can buy the next thing. Not our Rapid Cash Flow Program. This is a complete and turnkey program that will put cash in your jeans. 

We’re so confident that we GUARANTEE it 🙂


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