Leading from Love

“My purpose in a really broad sense, is to live from love. Everything I’m doing in life and how I’m being is about coming from love. When I’m making decisions of what to do or where I’m going it can really clearly define what I need to do.” -Krista Hope

After many years of working with people and of being coached, Krista Hope realized what has often been missing is the emotional connection for the person. Without that connection we may achieve a lot of things (as she had) but may be left feeling unfulfilled. Coaching isn’t just about accomplishing goals – those are likely fairly easy. It’s about truly living a life you love.

Hear more about Krista’s journey and experiences which not only inform her approach to coaching; they are ever-expanding, developing, folding in and teaching her.

Life is short. Why not live the most amazing life possible!

​​On the latest episode of The Everyday Millionaire, Krista discusses a bit of her background growing up on a farm near Grande Prairie, starting her first business right out of school, and parents who set the entrepreneurial bar with side hustles and good advice. She also talks about comparison and judgment, the struggle of overcoming ego to seek out the knowledge and expertise from those who have walked the path before us & MORE!

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