Legacy Through Trust and Confidence

“Equally important to me is a genuine, heartfelt interest and a passion to help other people find what their ‘why’ is… My passion is to solve other people’s ‘why’ and that’s probably what my ‘why’ is; the joy and fulfillment that I get helping other people.” -John Heeney

John Heeney and his wife Dorli are the owners of Tranquility Enterprises Inc. They have been married for 24 years and have four children between the ages of 14 and 21. Formerly dairy farmers from Ingersoll Ontario, they sold their dairy farm in 2014 to pursue a real estate career. 

In 2011, on the advice of some shrewd mentors, John decided to create Tranquility Enterprises before the sale of the dairy farm. Having all his assets tied up in the dairy farm, John quickly had to learn how to raise capital and utilize Joint Ventures, RSPs and private money to build and grow his real estate portfolio. After making a couple of property purchases, it was clear to John that he needed to be educated thoroughly if he really wanted to grow his portfolio. Enter REIN! 

John became a member of REIN in 2011, literally studied everything REIN had available to learn, built a real estate team and chose a target market in which to invest. Over the next year, being fully equipped with education, John purchased 14 properties, primarily suited houses and single-family homes. In 2013, John was awarded REIN’s Rookie of the Year and Investor of the Year for Ontario along with his Bronze, Silver, and Gold Pins for purchasing properties. REIN has continued to be a vital part of John’s education. He has transacted almost 60 deals so far and continues to focus on suited homes primarily in the Edmonton market. 

Recently, John hired Jared Hope of Tilt Property Group to act as his coach and is now in the process of learning new strategies with plans to actively purchase 18 properties within the next 12 months. His focus continues to be raising capital with JVs and other people’s money. He has raised over $12 million dollars to invest in real estate over the past 9 years and that number continues to grow each day. John is also working with Jared as a real estate coach with a primary focus on teaching people how to raise money using JVs, RSPs and private money. 

John has a huge passion to help others build LEGACY to create TRANQUILITY! 

​​On the latest episode of The Everyday Millionaire, John shares the story of his upbringing which was deeply rooted in dairy farming, how he got started in business and the influence his entrepreneurial farming parents had on his own path. His tale takes us to how and why he transitioned out of the business of dairy farming and into the business of real estate investing. John also talks about what trust and confidence mean to him in the context of raising capital and his joint venture partnerships, he discusses how building relationships is the single greatest factor to success & so much more.

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