Life by Design

“Design your life, then design your business around it.”
Mark Baltazar

After years of working in an all-consuming consulting firm, Mark Baltazar decided it was time for a change. He wanted something intentionally designed around his values, which led him to real estate investing. Once he decided to explore the multi-family space, Mark dove into educating himself and learning from those who came before him, which included joining the REIN community. The benefits that came from community—knowledge, support, momentum, and energy—proved invaluable as he tapped into new experiences and grew his business. 

Being part of a community also helped Mark build his team. Aligning with his vision to create a business that worked around his personal values and priorities, Mark purposefully built his team with his own strengths and weaknesses in mind, wanting to focus on what he was great at, rather than trying to be and do it all. 

In the latest episode of The Everyday Millionaire, Mark walks us through his first multi-family purchase and offers insights for investors looking to enter that space. He sheds some light on the reality of cashflow as income on long-term buy-and-hold properties and shares different ways that he intends to shift his business as a rental housing provider, including what he anticipates for the Ontario real estate market. Mark also explains the how and who of fix-and-flip investments, and how he crafted a repeatable system that benefits his businesses and relationships. 

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