Living a Limitless Life through Real Estate Investing


Before investing in real estate, Jared grew up in a conservative home. He was always told that he needed to go to school, get a good job, and retire on that pension. Instead, he focused all his efforts on hockey, and was eventually drafted to the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Unfortunately, after several concussions, that career path was no longer an option for him. Not sure what to do next, Jared even sold photocopiers for a while, until his wife signed them both up for REIN Membership. Six months later, he bought his first property, and everything changed. Now he has 148 properties, a successful property management company, and a beautiful family.

As a firm believer in finding success through coaching, when Jared first began, he begged Don R. Campbell to coach him. Don repeatedly refused for a long time, but Jared and eventually wore him down. With Don’s weekly coaching calls, he bought 64 properties in one year – mostly single family homes with basement suites. 

It was far from smooth sailing, though. Jared had “no personal growth to support his financial growth” and became a self-admitted “ego-guy.” He started presenting on the REIN stage with a “they either like me or they don’t” attitude, stopped getting coaching, and started drinking.

Jared hit rock bottom in December 2014, when he went out to the pub, got drunk, and drove home. The realization of what he had done when he woke up the next morning jolted him to declare to his family that he would quit drinking for a month. Instead, his daughter challenged him to quit drinking for a year, and he did.

He originally accepted her challenge out of desperation, because he knew he was going down the wrong path, but his new path took him led him to inspiration. A lot has changed for Jared and his family in the last two years. He’s gone back to basics; he has a coach again, and coaches others. He and his family got back to who they wanted to be in life.

Because he has spent 13 years building real estate wealth, Jared is now a full time dad, part time real estate investor whose portfolio will be paid off in seven to ten years, who can work from his boat with his wife while his kids are in school, who has plenty of time to spend with his kids, and who tries to help everyone around him live a limitless life with an open heart.

In the below interview with Jared, you will learn:

  • How long Jared has been investing in real estate, how many transactions he’s done so far and what he considers to be his niche specialty
  • How Jared and his wife plan to have clear titles on their entire portfolio in the next seven to ten years
  • How a brief NHL career led Jared down the path of real estate investing
  • Why it is so important to have a coach to keep you on track
  • How real estate investing has created the opportunity for Jared to focus most of his energy on being a great father and husband to his family

Jared Hope’s story:



 “I firmly believe that in order to have
success you have to have a coach.”


“I want everyone to be living a
limitless life with an open heart.”


Jared is a part time real estate investor, full time dad who specializes in Edmonton, Alberta, but recently moved to Kelowna, BC. Since beginning his real estate investing journey in 2003, Jared has completed over 200 transactions and has 148 properties in his portfolio. He has been a REIN Member throughout his entire 13 year real estate investing career – find out if REIN Membership is right for you!


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