Living a Purpose Driven Life

The latest episode of The Everyday Millionaire Podcast is now online!

“When you’re living true to your purpose, you disappear inside of your purpose. Life becomes an opportunity to get better and better, more reliable for staying true. So the game I’m playing with my life is to be reliable for living true to my purpose 24-7, even in my dreams.” – Alan Cahn

Special Guest: Alan Cahn

Back by popular demand, you won’t want to miss Alan Cahn’s fifth visit to the TEDM podcast!

Alan and Patrick revisit and expand their conversation about purpose, and mindfully connect it to values alignment and integrity. Always a thought-provoking conversation, with a lot of levity, Alan and Patrick use that foundation to discuss health and wellness, relationships, the work place, hard business decisions, upgrading our operating systems, and living a life of contribution and appreciation. Alan offers listeners more than a few golden nuggets of wisdom along with a couple of pro-tips for more effective action! It has been a few years in between, but definitely worth the wait.

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