Making Impossible Possible

You’ve got to act if you want to change your life; when you find your why, to everything else say no; you should only have people in your life that verify – don’t have people in your life that you don’t like and don’t trust; and if you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will. “
-Bruce Firestone

Bruce M Firestone is best known as an entrepreneur and founder of NHL hockey team the Ottawa Senators, their home arena, Canadian Tire Centre, and the Ottawa Senators Foundation which is a children’s charity. 

Bruce is also an author, professor, coach, consultant, mentor, real estate broker (with Century 21 Explorer Realty Inc), Ottawa Business Journal columnist, novelist and urban guru. 

Prof Bruce is an effective keynote speaker for organizations with a positive focus on creating opportunities for their stakeholder group. He also advises counties, towns and cities as well as economic development agencies on how to develop effective and impactful communities based on the principal that nothing is sustainable unless it is also economically sustainable. 

Bruce has his PhD in urban economics from the Australian National University in Canberra, his Master of Engineering-Science from the University of New South Wales in Sydney and his civil engineering degree from McGill University in Montreal. His twin mottos are: MAKING IMPOSSIBLE POSSIBLE and FEHAJ: FOR EVERY HOME A JOB.

On the latest episode of The Everyday Millionaire, Bruce shares how finding his “why” and his purpose has been hugely impactful not only for himself but also for his clients. He discusses the power of coaching in all pursuits, and reflects on how his involvement in team sports shaped his character and provided a foundation that he didn’t get from his home life. Bruce also talks about business models, scales of success, investment in the velocity of your goals, and more!

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