From the Heart

“If I’m going to affect change in any way, the best way to affect change is to amass some form of money to execute those changes and I feel if you’re doing positive change, something that’s going to help people…then you are leaving the world a bit of a better place.” -Mark Holmes

Born in Mansfield England, Mark Holmes is a Canadian rock star icon who together with his bandmates Sergio Galli, Kenny MacLean and Chris Steffler formed the legendary ‘80s band Platinum Blonde. From 1982-83 they performed over 200 nights together as a Police tribute band, firmly securing their spot on the university and club circuit. This environment gave them the chance to write and rehearse their own music, while immersed in performing the music they loved.

In 1983 they signed a recording deal with CBS which shot their career into high gear and captured a new wave audience with hit songs like “Doesn’t Really Matter”, “Situation Critical” and “Standing in the Dark”. With this recording deal they could also embrace a new art form that was becoming imperative to the success of recording artists: music videos. With high rotation on Canada’s MuchMusic network, their signature look and their hit music, Mark, Sergio, Kenny and Chris rode the new wave movement to its pinnacle.

A musician first, Mark is ever evolving, and not interested in riding on past success. He firmly believes we must keep moving forward and evolving to remain on the cutting edge. Mark stays relevant and interested in the progress of music through writing new music, producing, touring, and releasing new albums with Platinum Blonde in 2012 called Now or Never and a solo album. Embracing another side of business, Mark is the co-founder of the Mod Club nightclub in Toronto, and together with his son he is involved with raising capital to support start ups and emerging business. 

Mark has no interest in retirement or resting on his laurels. He has verve, tenacity and heart and all three are leading the way. 

On the latest episode of The Everyday Millionaire, Mark explains how innovations in business can generate more business ideas to piggyback them, thus creating its own new industry, and he discusses the importance of keeping himself current and leading edge. Mark also talks about his beginnings from Great Britain to Canada, shares his struggles with mental health, and MORE.

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