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“With addy, we get amazing messages every day from people that are so excited and so proud to own a piece of this building and it’s more of a life-changing thing than I’ve ever experienced before with this type of a business. The addy community is unbelievable.” – Stephen Jagger

Special Guest: Stephen Jagger

Stephen Jagger is an entrepreneur, author, and speaker. He started his entrepreneurial journey in 2000 when he and long-time business partner Mike Stephenson set up Combustion Hosting (acquired ’06), followed by Ubertor Realtor Software (acquired ’13). In 2012 they headed to the Philippines and set up to provide virtual assistants to real estate professionals. grew to 150 employees and discovered a need for HR and payroll software for the Philippines and Singapore. They answered that call by setting up a company called PayrollHero, focused on time, attendance, scheduling, HR and payroll. After living in Manila and Singapore for 4 years with his wife and children, Stephen returned back to Vancouver to launch Instant Messaging Real Estate Corp. to provide artificial intelligence services to the real estate industry and addy to eradicate barriers to home ownership for everyone.

In this episode Stephen takes us on his journey of how he got started in this entrepreneurial world, and at the centre of it, the adventure of masterful problem solving. Working together to find solutions to the obstacles they see, Stephen and Mike’s most recent business, addy, provides Canadians an opportunity for an approachable way to enter real estate asset ownership through the medium of technology. Listen in to hear how they’re doing this, its inherently unique benefits, the evolution of his vision, and the power of relationship.

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