May 14 Ontario Member Meeting is All About You Growing Your Real Estate Portfolio


We know this is a hot topic for many REIN members and we’re super proud to bring some actionable intelligence about raising JV capital to the May member meetings for Ontario. This meeting will be the trifecta!

1. REIN Master Panel

2. Marketing Magic to Attract JV Capital

3. How to Sell JV Partners


At this member meeting, we’re focused on growing your real estate portfolio, increasing profitability and scaling to the next level! You will get what you need from our REIN Master Panel and our special presentations on raising JV Capital.

Magical Marketing Formula To Raise JV Capital

Chief Growth Officer JG Francoeur will deliver a STEP-BY-STEP formula to attract joint-venture partners. His talk will be applicable and ‘workshop’ style meaning you will walk out with work complete!



Richard Dolan Live on Raising JV Capital

From overcoming investor objections to busting through the fear of talking to people about money (especially if you’re shy or introverted), learning the nuances of raising capital is KEY to growing your portfolio. Whether you’re just starting out or already an accomplished investor, raising capital is a necessary and important skill to understand and develop… and it’s also one of the most challenging things to do!


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